The MVPC-1 / MVPC-3 are medium voltage, "ALL - FILM" power factor correction single or three phase capacitors in metallic housing (steel housing on request) equipped with two/three ceramic bushings.
The MV single-phase capacitors normally are designed to be assembled in MV three-phase power factor correction sets with or without harmonic filters. These capacitors also are key components in the various filter solutions made up to reduce harmonic distortion.
The MV three-phase capacitors usually are designed to correct the power factor of transformers and big motors operating in Medium voltage.
All units are manufactured using aluminum foils with polypropylene (APP) film as dielectric. Biodegradable oil (non PCB) is used for impregnation.
Compared to the previous generation of "mixed" type (paper+film) dielectric capacitors, the "ALL-FILM" dielectric capacitors have a much longer duration, due to their high thermal stability, as there are very low power losses due to removing the paper and the high chemical stability of liquid dielectric.
The following important features pertain to the "ALL - FILM" - MV power factor correction capacitors:

- Very low variation of capacitance in a wide range of temperature.
- High dielectric resistance to excessive transient currents and voltages.
- High partial discharge absorption capacity.

The MVPC Capacitors are equipped with internal discharge resistors that lower the residual voltage to 50V or less within 10 min. after disconnecting the capacitor.
Internal fuse on request.

Reference Standard IEC / EN 60871 -1


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