Excellent power factor control, analysis and control of harmonics, suitable for lv and mv voltage systems.

- Digital microprocessor.
- Relay outputs.
- Selectivity of capacitors - Using intelligent way (work hours and the required reactive power).
X1) During the control ERN 11214 continually checks the relay compensation section, when it
Xdetects a capacity loss or change in value, it temporally disables the section under relevant setting.
X2) The temporarily disabled section is anyway tested at regular intervals and when possible enabled
Xagain for control.
- Reliable power factor control even in presence of high current and/or voltage harmonics content.
- Current and voltage harmonic analysis up to 19 order.
- In case an abnormal situation in the system (calculated from THD and CHL) disconnects all
Xcompensation sections for preventing their damage.
- Display-4 digits 7 segment LED.
- Measure and display the following parameters.
- Informations shown on the numeric display are divided into 3 main data groups:
X1) instantaneous power system values measured such as: power factor, active power, reactive
Xpower.apparent power, current, voltage, THDI, THDV and capacitors CHL, frequency.
X2) parameters to control target power factor: control period, reconnection delay time, total
Xrecorded connected times, numbers of connections of each compensation bank, etc.
X3) Test and error messages.
- No-voltage release protection.
- Capacitor overload and panel overheating protection.
- Suitable for co-generation systems (4 quadrant operation)
- 3 way parameter set-up: automatic, manual, PC.
- RS232 or RS485 communication interface for set-up and automatic testing with Personal Computer.
- Adjustable reconnection delay time.
- Regulators have all the characteristics to be used also for capacitor banks for Power factor
Xcorrection in Medium voltage.


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