CBAm-3-LV / CBAmF-3-LV / CBAmS-3-LV


Gruppo Energia automatic power factor correction capacitor banks are designed for centralized compensation in low voltage installations. These equipments are supplied completely assembled and
ready for use. You need only to connect it to the mains with cables of adequate cross section, and to supply the operation signal from a suitable current transformer.

CAPACITOR BANKS / Traditional (Contactor) MCBm-3 / Static (Thyristor) MCBmS -3

Gruppo Energia produces Traditional power factor correction capacitor banks equipped with electromecanical contactors.
This type of equipment are designed for installation where the load has a slow variations and it is not to sensitive to voltage fluctuations.
The range is completed with thyristor switched capacitor banks for reactive power compensation with static system. This system use thyristors instead of traditional contactors. This type of equipment are designed to be use for very fast compensation and for the loads very sensitive to voltage variation.

CAPACITOR BANKS With harmonic filter MCBmF-3/ MCBmSF-3

Protection harmonic filters are essential components for a power factor correction equipment used in supply network having a high level of harmonic distortion. Protection filter is the series connection of the reactors and capacitors.In such a way that the tuning frequency of the whole unit is set at a value between the fundamental frequency and the frequency of the lowest present harmonic.
As a result, the improved system prevets higher order harmonics to flow into capacitors,reduces significantly the critical harmonic component and blocks the harmonics coming from the supply network.

Setting the right mix of capacitors and harmonic blocking reactors is to be properly done, a keen practice made of experience. That is, every situation needs its proper solution.


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