BIGPOWER RCM-B-1 / 3 - RCM-BS-1 / 3

PFC cylindrical capacitors with large range power from 1 kVar up to 62,5 kVar.

"BIGPOWER" is the name given to our new power factor correction capacitor series. Our engineers developed this new range of products after countless requirements from the client.
"BIGPOWER" is a very high quality and reliability series of products. Thanks to the experience grown up working many years in the capacitors sector using modern advanced technologies, Gruppo Energia can deliver a reliable new product with excellent features. All of the component parts and materials are of EU origin.

"BIGPOWER - RCM-BS" is the newest high-performance capacitor belonging to the BIGPOWER series. This capacitor has been developed for outdoor applications, adverse environmental conditions and high temperatur. The range of RCM-BS is 0.5 to 6.25 kvar for small units and individual compensation 25kVar to 50kVar for pole mounting.

"BIGPOWER" series are entirely made in Italy and are conform to the IEC 60871-1:2005-12 norm.


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