ALLPOWER RCM-AP-1/3 - New Extremely Reliable PF Capacitors

“ALLPOWER” Innovative extremely reliable models especially designed to improve energy quality in the electrical power network particularly subject to recurring Voltage and Current boosts and Harmonic Distortion.

When the electrical distribution system cannot guarantee a high degree of quality of the supply energy,and your business is in danger GRUPPO ENERGIA can help you with a New Extremely Reliable "ALLPPOWER" capacitor, which can withstand to the voltage fluctuation.


- Extreme purity and quality of the material.
- Special Over voltage and Over current resistance, polypropylene dielectric.
- Particular slope design of current carrying metal layer vaporized on to one side of the polypropylene film.
- Self-healing technology.
- Progressive method of metal spraying to enlarge the sensitive contact area of winding elements.
- Vacuum drying and long high temperature storage to eliminate humidity.
- Dry technology -Innovative components of resin filler to keep constant capacitance over an extended
Xperiod of time.
- There is no risk of leaking oil or gas.
- Particular aluminum case, with special high temperature resistant protective paint can guarantee a
Xnatural permanent cooling of the capacitors under heavy working conditions.
- Overpressure disconnecting safety device to disconnect the capacitor from the mains at the end of
Xits lifetime or in presence of dangerous overload.
- The special design enables capacitors to withstand high switching surges.


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